Thursday, August 1, 2019

Meet the student!

Hello everyone, ke bidiwa Heloise! That’s Setswana for, “my name is Heloise.” Less than 2 months ago I attended UT’s graduation ceremony for the College of Liberal Arts and walked across the stage in my cap and gown with my fellow peers. That said, however, I have two credits left which I need to complete before I can officially join the best club in the world - The Texas Exes. I’m happy to have the chance to complete those last two credits here in Botswana. What better way to end my time at UT? Once completed, I will have earned a degree in Geography and a minor in Psychology. I chose to come on this program because I’m interested and eager to learn more about how climate change impacts our planet and the species which occupy it, especially in a place as remote as rural Ghanzi, for instance. I’d like to say thank you to all the people who have made this unique experience possible for me. In addition, I’d like to say a very special thank you to my mom and dad for giving me every opportunity in the world and for supporting me in all that I do and care for. I can only hope to make as positive of an impact on our environment and the planet we share as you two have made on me. I miss you so much and I send you all of my love from the magnificent continent of Africa. I can’t wait to tell you all that I’ve learned in my time in Botswana.

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