Friday, August 2, 2019


Sleepovers? Fun. 

Sleepovers under the Milky Way? Super fun.

Sleepovers with 20 of the best people under the Milky Way in Ghanzi?? Unforgettable. 

Last week there was set to be a meteor shower and since we are all suckers for some good astronomy, we planned a get away from camp and our tents in order to watch the show. We brought 12 of our finest mattresses and ALL of the blankets to an open area on the Thakadu Ranch where the sky was visible. 

With all our beds laid out next to each other we piled on and laid back to see the amazing view of hundreds of stars above us. All of us laid there star struck (literally;)) and silent... until we saw shooting stars, which were followed by about 15 gasps every time. We soon all dozed off, cuddled underneath layers of sleeping bags, wool blankets, and comforters. 

Personally, the best part wasn’t the sight of all the stars (although that was pretty dope), it was waking up and looking around to see all 19 of us snuggled together and realizing how lucky I am to be here with the best group of people making memories I will cherish long after I return home.

Gotta blast,


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