Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bush Olympics, July 4th Braai & Happy Trails

Dr. K delivers the course wrap-up and also talks with students about the culture shock associated with re-entry into the US.

Team 2 finishing the GPS location event of the Bush Olympics, designed to assess and reinforce the theory and practice of the last six weeks.

Instructor Thoralf Meyer admiring Team 3's fighting spirit.

Team 3 busily identifying species and taking structural measurements while being timed- lots of pressure!

A typical researcher's pile... notebook, identification guide, backpack, measuring sticks, and of course sunglasses.

Team 1 busy working on the timed Plot 1 while visiting colleague Dr. Jennifer Miller of UT Geography & the Environment looks on.

Team 4 works on ground cover estimation.

 The "just for fun" portion of the Bush Olympics- Bocci Ball! Here Sam gives her best shot while Thoralf, Dr. Miller, and Jaclyn look on.

Thoralf announcing the rules of the Bocci Ball showdown the next night, along with each team's selected Bocci competitor: from left to right, Courtney, Jaclyn, Emilie, and Hank.

Hank turned out to be a consummate Bocci Ball player, and won that particular event for his team... the Bush Olympics were close indeed, with each team winning at least one event. The overall winners... Team 3. Congrats to Courtney, Kelsey, and Amiee!

A last group photo before heading out, caught in front of the Maun International Aiport. Roughly half our folks are headed straight back to Texas for more school, work, or family time, and the other half are exploring Durban, visiting and volunteering in Cape Town, or seeing friends in The Netherlands. Safe travels to all and thanks to our extended friend and family network who have been keeping up with us on our blog. Go siame! (Stay well!) 

Over and out- Team Botswana

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