Thursday, July 4, 2013

RE A LEBOGA (many thanks)

Happy 4th of July!! Today is the last day of our study abroad program. Several students left this morning for Victoria Falls, while others are leaving this afternoon for South Africa, Mozambique, and France. The remaining four students fly out tomorrow. Huge thanks to our awesome students this year. It has been a great six weeks. We'd also like to thank several individuals, companies, and organizations for making this study abroad program possible, including:

Thakadu Bush Camp
Our wonderful base camp and source of many a fine meal of fresh game- thanks to Chris and Jeanette for their hospitality, Riana for keeping our classroom going, and Sylvie and Kassie

For running our base camps and keeping us well fed in Ghanzi, in Maun, and on safari - thanks Colin, Daryl, Zebra, Joe, and Bavez

For months of planning, advertising, and generally supporting an environmental program in Africa- with special thanks to our coordinator Melissa Sassi

Lastly, thanks to the UT Department of Geography & the Environment for providing a home base for faculty, students, and staff who believe in a global backyard


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