Friday, May 29, 2015

First Day in Camp, Bush Walk, and Setswana Lessons

After a six-hour drive along dirt tracks, we arrived at our base camp in Ghanzi yesterday afternoon. This morning, Professor Thoralf gave us an introduction to Thakadu Game Farm that covered the environmental features of the area. Guided by Thoralf, we then went on our first bush walk and got to experience the vegetation, geology, and wildlife of Thakadu. 

After lunch we had our first introduction to Setswana, the national language of Botswana, from Jeb, a Botswana student and resident. He covered some essential words and phrases that will be useful during our stay here. He will also be giving us a second lesson tomorrow afternoon.

On the road to Ghanzi.

We stopped for a lunch break in the shade.

Professor Thoralf explaining the layout of Thakadu Farm before our first walk around the property.

Professor Thoralf stops to explain the geologic features of the area.

Jed giving us an introduction to Setswana in the lecture tent.

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