Thursday, May 26, 2016

We made it to Camp!

Yesterday, we drove down to our base camp in Ghanzi from Maun which is about a six hour drive in our safari vehicles. We will be staying here at Thakadu Game Farm in tents for the next three and a half weeks where we will be learning about environmental and social dynamics here in Botswana. Everyone had a great time today getting settled in camp while learning about how to stay here in camp and while doing fieldwork.

Group photo with students and faculty.

We also went for a bush walk today as a group here on the game farm, where professor Thoralf introduced the savanna environment.

Thoralf leading the pack through the bush.

Thoralf explaining how vegetation deals with the arid savanna environment.

Heading back to camp.

Tune back in tomorrow to see photos from our Setswana lesson. However, please keep in mind that we are in a remote area so internet is slow and may not work all days. We will try our best to post every few days or so though.

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