Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Study Abroad Botswana 2017!

Hello from Botswana! Students are beginning to arrive in Maun, Botswana for this year's study abroad.

The program officially begins tomorrow, Wednesday, the 24th of May. On Thursday, we will head to our base camp in Ghanzi where we will be based for the first three weeks of the program. We have two student phones, which the students will be able to use freely once they get here. You can also call Professor Thoralf or TA Dan if you cannot get through (in case of emergencies ONLY).

Calling from the US to Botswana: 011 + 267 + phone number

Student Phone 1: 75 05 83 16
Student Phone 2: 75 05 83 18
Thoralf: 72 67 08 36
Dan: 72 31 70 52

Cell phone service in Botswana does not work as well as in the United States, so you might have to call a few times to get through. We have also experienced power black outs in the past which also means you might not be able to get through.

We will have a satellite phone ready once the program starts, which will be turned on every night between 7-8 PM (Botswana time, which Texas is currently 7 hours behind). This phone will work in case of power black outs and when we are on safari (where there is no phone service coverage). This phone is for absolute emergencies ONLY.

The satellite phone number: 00881631627587

We are all looking forward to the start of the program and will be posting updates here on the blog every few days or so.

Stay tuned!

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