Saturday, June 15, 2013

Last Days at Thakadu

We have been working on our last vegetation plot for the last few days. We also fenced one of the plots from last year in the same area in order to keep out grazers and browsers so we can assess vegetation regrowth in the absence of herbivory.

Lily, Sabryna, and Anna measuring our last plot.

Emma and Anna.


Part of our team cut down trees for fence posts.

Professor Thoralf setting up wires for our fence.

Nastasha tightening fence wires.

Erin and Loraine.

Kareem, Loraine, and Thoralf.

Our fenced plot.



Rose and Jessica.

Group photo after finishing our awesome fence!

We are leaving Thakadu on Monday and heading to Modisa Wildlife Project for two nights. More photos to come soon!!

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