Friday, June 13, 2014

Analysis in Camp

Today we spent the first part of the day in camp analyzing soil and doing dendrochronology. We dug up a cubic square meters of soil in order to determine the below-ground biomass of one of our plots. We were particularly interested in the amount of roots present. We took the soil back to camp and used a sieve to separate the soil from the roots. We then weighed the below-ground biomass present. We will repeat this method for several of our plots. We also cut a tree trunk into disc in order to determine the age of the tree by sanding and counting tree rings. We determined the tree to be roughly 44 years old.

Geoff sieving soil.

Clinton sanding his tree disc.

Paige with her finished tree disc.

Working in camp. Our dining room tent, support truck / kitchen (in the back), and everyone sitting around our campfire working.

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