Thursday, June 23, 2016

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

After Modisa, we drove into Central Kalahari Game Reserve, which is the second largest game reserve in the world (52,800 square kilometers), for 3 nights. We saw giraffes, bat-eared foxes, lions, cheetahs, a leopard, and lots of antelopes.

We are leaving Maun tomorrow morning for the Okavango Delta (Khwai) for 4 nights. Again, we will not have cell phone service there but will continue to turn on our satellite phone for emergencies.

We will post photos from the Delta when we return back to Maun. Then we have our final week together here in Maun where we will have several guest lectures and surprise activities.

Alex and Elizabeth enjoying the drive into Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Our two highly experienced safari guides, Daryl and Colin Dandridge.

Springbok in Deception Valley.

Derry and Mustafa looking for lions.

We saw lots of giraffes!

Enjoying our afternoon game drive.

Godwin and Zebra preparing lunch. The guys behind the scenes who make everything great in camp.

Gemsbok antelope.

We found three lionesses and they were taking a nap right in the middle of the road!

Watching the lions as the sun was setting.

Heading back to camp.

Dinner in camp.

Many of us keeping warm at the fire.

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