Friday, June 3, 2016

Student Introductions IV

"Magnetic" Mary
My name is Mary Hoffman. I am a sophomore geology major from Alvin, Texas. I came on this trip to gain field experience & explore similar subjects to my major. Being here gives me valuable experience that I will use later in life. When I graduate, I plan on joining the Peace Corp and possibly attend seminary. I would like to thank UT Study Abroad and College of Liberal Arts for allowing me to be here.

"Charismatic" Carolyn
Hi! I’m Carolyn. I’m a radiation physics, mathematics, and Plan II major. I’m here in Botswana for three reasons. I wanted to travel to the African continent, I want to learn more about climate change and African geography and ecosystems, and I heard the program was fantastic. This is also my first time camping and my first time doing research. I’m eager to take some great photos as well. Thank you to my parents and Audre Rapoport for helping to fund this once in a lifetime experience.

"Missing" Mustafa
I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to go on this Study Abroad Session. I write this not even a week in, and I’m already astounded by the things I’ve seen. Thanks must go to my family for nurturing me and supporting me. My gratitude is not least extended to those that have come before me. Students, Faculty, and Staff paved the way and made this journey a far easier one. I followed their footsteps to this wonderful place and time, and offer my deepest thanks.

"Flying" Farry
Dumela, leina lame ke Farry Seddighzadeh. I am a junior with a double major in Geography and Environmental Science – Biology track. I’m so excited to be a part of this trip because I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa, I knew this would be an amazing experience, and I love learning about new ecosystems. Thank you so much to Audre Rapoport, the International Office at UT, and the Gilman Foundation for the scholarships I received to help me get here, as well as my family for supporting me and making this trip possible.

"Explorer" Emma
My name is Emma Walker and I am a junior geography major with a focus in Geographic Information Systems. I hope to work for an environmental consulting company after I graduate. This would allow me to share my love for the environment by helping landowners manage their properties responsibly. I’m in this program because the field research skills I gather here will better my abilities to assess then solve environmental problems. Also, who wouldn’t want to spend 6 weeks camping in Botswana?! I’d like to thank my parents and extended family members for making this trip possible.

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